George Bergeman

George Bergeman has enjoyed synergistic careers that blended software development and mathematics instruction. His teaching career began in 1972 at a small college in West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer and continued in the Washington, D.C. area at Northern Virginia Community College,one of the largest multi-campus colleges in the country.  Before transitioning to full-time math software development in the early 1990s, George received the Faculty of the Year award at his campus. 

 George began writing software for instruction in1983 with the development of a statistics package and workbook.  Since then he and the team he has assembled have developed a variety of software products to accompany developmental math textbooks as well as texts in statistics, business math, precalculus, calculus, and finite math.  Packages  have included MathCue, MathCueExpress, MathCue.Business, Solution Finder, F/C Graph, F/C/P Graph, Graph 2D/3D, MathPath, One-to-One, Maxis and 20/20 Statistics.  A variety of product versions using these core technologies have accompanied nearly three hundred and fifty different textbook editions.  He has also collaborated with other development groups on an additional 40-plus projects.

By drawing on his years of teaching experience, George endeavors to develop products that provide tested, effective instructional support with benefits for both students and instructors.  He is also co-author of a collegiate text now in its ninth edition.

George has an M.S. degree in mathematics and additional graduate work in statistics and measurement. 

Michael Rohrer

Michael Rohrer began his programming career in 1967working with the Federal Highway Administration while still an electrical engineering student at George Washington University. He received his BS in EE in 1969, graduating first in his class. He also has done substantial graduate work in operations research.

Michael brings thirty-three years of broad-based computer consulting and development experience to the project in areas including system design and develop­ment, Internet-based client-server applications, low-level telecommunications, data base systems, graphics,operating systems, scien­tific applications, and mathematical models and model support systems.    Project clients have included Amoco Oil, MCI, a consortium of U.S. power plants and the United States  Air Force. He also was a partner in developing OVERTONE and SongWright, two software products used by composers and arrangers of music. 

Since 1994, he has worked extensively with George Bergeman on development of the MathCue technology.  Projects include delivering MathCue’s content in client-server mode both in MathCue packages and in collaboration with other platforms.

Jessy Bergeman

After receiving an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree from the University of Colorado, Jessy Bergeman has used her design, photographic, and media skills to advance a variety of projects for both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Jessy’s key contributions to Ascent Academic have been in the areas of interface design and user experience with additional work performing QA during testing phases.  She has also developed various types of content including media images and expository components used in both print and online packages.